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tobi/mabes. 20. he/she/they. ur local elton john stan

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anyway been rewatching amc turn because i stan jamie bell now and god i FORGOT how hard this shit fucked...stream amc turn washington's spies on net flicks


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i just wanna say i love rocketman and taron egerton in fun outfits changed my life 

whats up i forgot this website existed again because of depression! anyway buy rocketman out on itunes now or the dvd on august 27 :)

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i place two eggs in your hands. hold them. one in each. congratulations, you're now a father

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I hope all religious LGBT+ folk have a good day and remember that their relationship with their deity/deities is their own and not open to interpretation from intolerant people. 

post stormy sky says gay rights

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the motion has been passed

I made this for tumblr but I'll share it here too 

Herrenhäuser Gärten | Hannover

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idk what im talking about anymore tbh

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I'm here to be gay, spread positivity, and make unrelatable posts about my life and interests

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary 

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love me a viddy gayme i do

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yeah i enjoy uhh... *looks at smudged writing on hand* mixed meatier

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That neurodivergent feel when you're between hyperfixations and you're just kind of floating around with no real personality or interests anymore...

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yeah I take naps 

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alexey kondakov, whisperings of love by adolphe-william bouguereau 

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yeah, i used to like snk/aot, but since then i've grown as a person

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I have seen the best shirt: "Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white guy."

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St Francis Fair

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Bun bUn bUN