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anyway been rewatching amc turn because i stan jamie bell now and god i FORGOT how hard this shit fucked...stream amc turn washington's spies on net flicks


whats up i forgot this website existed again because of depression! anyway buy rocketman out on itunes now or the dvd on august 27 :)

genuinely mistakes were made last night listening 2 daniel like im still sad! who said elton john could say daniel my brother you are older than me do you still feel the pain like shut up!

when elton john said and i miss daniel. lord i miss him so much 😔✌️

happy FUCKING birthday to sasuke uchiha and one direction the inventors of gay rights!


trying not 2 spam elton/rocketman content on tumblr but they r the only things that make me feel Anything At All Anymore! fun

really want 2 scream and get completely unhinged! but i will not

oh just dissociated....thats fun lads!

anyway just COMPLETELY fucked up my nails peeling off still wet polish because i accidentally used a demi-matte polish and left my remover at home how are you all doing on this hellish monday night

the beatles want what the teletubbies have

cannot WAIT for my twenty second birthday november sixth two thousand and twenty when the eternals comes out so i can buy a ticket to another movie and sneak in to watch the eternals and then live blog richard madden's hottest looks

really mad bcos i want to watch billionaire boys club because taron egerton but like. fuck kevin spacey

genuinely only thing keeping me going 2day is the fact that im going to stream rocketman w some pals tonight im honestly SO excited bfjdjfj

also now that i have access to the rocketman torrent im going 2 stream it w some pals maybe tomorrow night and i am SO excited.....

you know what band was FUCKING slept on? fun. we did NOT appreciate fun. enough and i am SO mad about it like genuinely aim and ignite is SUCH a good album and don’t even get me started on the gambler! the FUCKING GAMBLER! that should be counted as one of the MOST romantic love songs of ALL time im NOT joking that shit just made me CRY!!!!!!!

genuinely i donot keep up w staff or Whatever on here so i have NO clue what theyre planning rn! so they could be doing this rn and i just Don't Know. but i really hope fast reblogging/rbing to side blogs from any dashboard gets added soon bcos then it would be so much easier for me to set up an aesthetic blog....

was listening to this 70s playlist because if im going 2 stan elton i might as well go ALL out and it was also. actually the first time i listened to david bowie. and honestly? like for real? he is NOT good! his music just isn't good!

oh to be a cat snuggling with another cat.......

but does all my music rambling bother anyone? bcos i can make a side blog for all that if that'd be better! just wanted 2 check

genuinely will never forgive tumblr for hyping up hayley kiyoko as the lesbian music icon but not rallying behind mary lambert in the same way like she is SO talented she deserves it! like obvs so does hayley kiyoko but i am still BITTER abt it

love going into the rocketman/elton tags and only seeing my posts i am the CORNERSTONE of this community!

thought i was getting over my insecurity with annoying people but it turns out i just did not have any friends! and now it is back. god bless